Handcrafted Wooden Dough Stamps and Premium Play Dough. $8 flat rate shipping NZ wide.

Salt Water Dough Stamps

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Salt Water Ocean Handmade Wooden Playdough Stamps

Encourage your child to float away to an underwater wonderland with our stunning Salt Water Dough Stamp Set. 

Crafted from ethically sourced, local raw wood and sealed with our custom made beeswax finish, these beautiful Dough Stamp sets are a timeless resource crafted for learning and fun through nature-inspired play.

Hand-made in a range of sizes, these gorgeous Dough Stamps encourage motor skills, strengthen grip, develop hand-eye coordination and introduce language skills, all while encouraging your child to engage freely in nature-based sensory play!

Please Note:

Dough Stamps are handmade to order.

Play Dough sold separately.

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