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About - NZ Made Premium Play Dough

Born from a family’s obsession with play dough, The Dough Folk passionately craft luxuriously soft, high-quality play dough from the finest ingredients available. 

With a background in Early Childhood Education, we are passionate about play-based learning and the innate benefits of sensory play for children in their early years. We advocate for open ended play opportunities that encourage children to follow their interests and develop physically, mentally and emotionally through play.

Our play dough is buttery soft, ready to be squished, squashed, poked and rolled! Let your little one's imagination be sparked and their creativity run wild! Handmade using organic jojoba oil and coconut oil, our play dough will nourish your little one’s skin whilst delighting their senses. 

Kid-friendly and kind to the earth, our dough is 100% non-toxic, safe and compostable. Our beautiful dough will encourage your little one to slow down, reconnect and engage, all whilst looking after their skin, their mind and their future. So get ready to shop now, you won’t regret it!