Handcrafted Wooden Dough Stamps and Premium Play Dough. $8 flat rate shipping NZ wide.

FAQ's - Buy NZ Handmade Play Dough

What age children are your products recommended for?

All of our products are recommended for children 3+ years of age. Adult supervision is required at all times, products are a choking hazard. 


Is your Play Dough non-toxic?

Our Play Dough is non-toxic, free from nasties, kid friendly and kind to the earth. We use premium ingredients including jojoba and coconut oil, meaning our dough will nourish your little one’s skin whilst delighting their senses.  


How do I store my Play Dough?

Play Dough should be stored in a cool dark place, sealed in the glass jar provided. The fridge is ideal! Dough will be adversely affected by prolonged exposure to heat, light or air. If your Dough is accidentally left out of the jar, just add a little cooking oil and knead it back to life.  


Are your Dough Stamps sealed?

Our handcrafted Dough Stamps are finished with our custom-made beeswax and olive oil finish. Dough Stamps may need to be re-oiled as necessary.   


Can your wooden products be shipped internationally?

Our wooden products are crafted using locally foraged, natural raw materials that are untreated and have some bark still attached. Unfortunately we do not currently ship these products overseas. 


How do I maintain my Dough Stamps?

All of our wooden products can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or a soft brush and should be re-oiled as necessary. Do not submerge your wooden products in water. Avoid harsh chemicals, detergents or abrasive cleaners. Due to the nature of wood, our products are susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, and may crack or change over time. 





While we strive to ensure all items you receive are safe, all products should be inspected on arrival and monitored on an on-going basis to ensure they remain safe for use. 

Play Dough should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh. Play Dough is affected by prolonged exposure to heat, light and air. Play Dough should be removed from the glass jar provided before being presented to a child. 

The use of our products must be supervised at all times. Our products are a choking hazard and close adult supervision is required. 

Customer discretion is required. If you do not feel an object is age appropriate for your child, please remove it and reintroduce it at a later date. 

All of our products are recommended for children aged 3+ years of age. 

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